Becoming NACHA Certified demonstrates that as a Third-Party Sender, your company has met NACHA standards that include a solid risk and compliance program, stability, sound governance, and has strong core ACH practices in place.

Your company’s initial application includes:

  • certifying that it has been in business at least two years;

  • authorizing NACHA to perform background checks of key individuals from your company or an attestation and documentation of applicable background checks already preformed;

  • providing the two most recent audited annual financial statements, and most recent quarterly financial statement; and  

  • providing a completed copy of your most recent NACHA Operating Rules Audit.


Then your company will need to attest that it meets the NACHA Certified baseline criteria, which includes:

  • demonstrating adoption and implementation of robust compliance and risk management programs;

  • showing compliance with the NACHA Operating Rules’ return rate requirements;

  • providing attestation that your company has appropriate disaster recovery and business continuity plans in place, and insurance coverage;

  • having qualified staff in place who are responsible for ACH operations, and a training program for employees and contractors on the NACHA Operating Rules; and

  • demonstrating sound corporate governance and management with appropriate years of experience.


To learn more, download NACHA Certified detailed criteria.