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Are you a Third-Party Sender? Industry-leading NACHA Certified sets you apart in today’s competitive market as an entity focused on knowing and demonstrating commitment to quality and strong core practices. NACHA Certified affirms that Third-Party Senders have met specific guidelines governing financial stability, rules and regulations.


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NACHA Certified

NACHA Certified. The first step for Third-Party Senders.

At a glance, NACHA Certified signals that you are:




NACHA Certified organizations have met published criteria demonstrating current compliance, and have shown tangible measures of corporate governance and risk management. With annual attestation, NACHA Certified is valid for two years.

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Committed to Quality.

Becoming NACHA Certified demonstrates a commitment to quality and a willingness to undergo additional vetting to set yourself apart in this crowded and competitive market.

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Strong in core practices.

Being NACHA Certified means that you have employed effective oversight of your business and understand the risk and compliance obligations associated with processing ACH transactions. Your sound governance is demonstrated through the submission of appropriate return rate reporting and your organization’s risk assessment.

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Credible. Strong. Leading.
That’s what NACHA certification
says about your company.


As a certified Third-Party Sender, you’re validated, vetted – and valued above your competitors. There are many Third-Party Senders and only those committed to meeting the specific criteria and who are vetted by NACHA will become NACHA Certified.


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How NACHA Certified Opens Doors For Third-Party Senders



NACHA Certified positions you in a strong, secure ACH Network.

A vigorous, thriving ACH Network depends on quality Third-Party Senders. Stand out from the pack.



Financial institutions know NACHA. And respect NACHA Certified.

NACHA governs the ACH Network and advocates for the health of all players in the electronic payments space – including Third-Party Senders.



Banks and credit unions recognize NACHA Certified.

Meeting the baseline criteria established by NACHA, a certified industry leader projects immediate credibility.



Set your company apart as a valued ACH participant.

NACHA Certified validates banks’ and credit unions’ due diligence efforts, garnering them confidence in you as a new business partner.




NACHA Certified.


Helping banks and credit unions find valued Third-Party Senders.


In a rapidly growing and increasingly complex market, financial institutions know there is value in having NACHA, a trusted partner, to complement their own due diligence and onboarding processes. Look for the NACHA Certified seal when reviewing prospective Third-Party Senders and you’ll find:




Paves the way to a more positive interaction between you and Third-Party Senders.


Businesses that have met published baseline criteria established by NACHA – the experts you value and trust. The stronger your partners, the stronger the ACH Network.


NACHA Certified affirms that Third-Party Senders have met standards governing financial stability, and have a commitment to quality and strong core practices.


Certified Third-Party Senders have demonstrated sound risk management and are vetted, validated and valued.



NACHA Certified Third-Party Senders




NACHA Certified is a voluntary accreditation program for Third-Party Senders in the ACH Network to demonstrate to their customers, their banking partners, and their peers that they are meeting standards established by NACHA that signal sound core practices and corporate governance.


A thriving ACH Network includes high-quality Third-Party Senders. NACHA Certified enables a Third-Party Sender to differentiate itself in today’s competitive market as having demonstrated to NACHA that it has effective oversight of its business and understands the risk and compliance obligations associated with processing ACH transactions.

The NACHA Certified designation enhances the competiveness and brand equity of a Third-Party Sender.


With the NACHA Certified designation, a Third-Party Sender positions itself as having met meaningful standards established by NACHA — the body that administers and enforces the rules for ACH payments — for doing business as a Third-Party Sender.


While not a substitute for a financial institution’s own due diligence, the NACHA Certified designation provides an ODFI with an additional level of confidence that the Third-Party Sender has established policies, practices and controls that meet NACHA’s criteria. NACHA Certified tells existing and prospective clients of a Third-Party Sender that it is committed to sound risk management practices.

All Third-Party Senders that have been in payments processing for at least two years are eligible to become NACHA Certified.

Third-Party Senders can become NACHA Certified when they provide required documentation meeting certification standards in support of strong practices, corporate governance, and risk management, including:

  • Independent NACHA Rules Audit
  • ACH Risk Assessment
  • Specified Compliance and Risk Program Elements
  • Agreement to Criminal Background Check for all principals and key officers
  • Audited Financial Statements

Criteria were drawn from existing regulatory requirements and guidance, the NACHA Operating Rules, and principles of sound corporate governance and business practices.

The application fee for NACHA Certified is $5,000.

The certification period is for two years. A $750 intervening year fee is required at the end of the first year along with limited documentation to maintain certification. A full review is conducted every two years.

All NACHA Certified Third-Party Senders may display the NACHA Certified seal and will have their names and company information displayed on the NACHA Certified website.

If the applying organization does not meet the established baseline criteria, there are organizations that can provide education to strengthen origination practices and risk management through NACHA and the Regional Payments Associations, in addition to consultative services through Elevation.

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Yes. The Registration Rule requires ODFIs to acknowledge whether they process for a Third Party Sender and, if so, to provide required information related to the Third Party Sender. NACHA Certified is a voluntary program for well-governed Third-Party Senders to set themselves apart in the industry. NACHA Certified will work in concert with NACHA’s other risk management initiatives by improving transparency into industry, setting them apart in a competitive industry.